A Comprehensive List of the Reasons for Hearing Voices or Schizophrenia

Hearing Voices Network Cymru

Have you ever come across people who say, “I am hearing voices in my head?” Complex noises or hearing voices is something normal, but if the experience gets bad, then it is a matter of concern. The sufferer might need a medical help to get rid of the problem. Here is the list that highlights the reasons for Schizophrenia or hearing voices – 

Split brain- Schizophrenia literarily means ‘split brain’, but this isn’t what exactly happens in schizophrenia. Actually, those who hear voices in their head have ‘split’ mind. In other words, they are under dual mindedness due to reasons like sexual abuse or because of defence mechanism that is hidden in some part of their brain. It is not normal or easy for a human being to keep the “hidden bits” in his or her brain. And if the thing is inside their brain…

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