ABA Beginnings

...On the Autism Rail

Applied Behavioral Analysis, or ABA, is the only scientifically proven therapy for autism. It is what all the professionals tell you to get. It is the company line. It is also a terrifying endeavor from my perspective.

The child physiologist who diagnosed D., his pediatrician, and multiple friends who work with special needs children through the school system all suggested ABA. In the early stages of getting D. diagnosed, I read about ABA and its verbal counterpart, VB. I felt comfortable with the premise. It is another application of behaviorism, which I am familiar with through my training of horses. Once we recieved our diagnosis, I worked with my insurance company to find a provider.

There are seven companies in the area that take my insurance. My first-choice-company was renegotiating with my insurance company and it sounded like the two did not have a great working relationship. I didn’t want…

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