As told by Tosin…

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My name is Tosin, I am 24 years old and this is my story:  

I met my ex boyfriend when I was in med school, he worked in a top-shot oil company in Lagos at the time, and was the sweetest guy I had ever known when we first met. He knew exactly how to coddle me silly!(Surprises, dates, gifts ranging from i-Phones to Brazilian hair and everything in between)  I was placed on a hefty stipend (# 80,000.00 monthly). In short, I was living like a princess. I noticed he had jealous tendencies and I found that really cute.  

One day, barely three months after we started dating, while I was at his for the weekend, a male classmate of mine called to give me some very important information about our exams. Admittedly, it was a rather long call, about 9mins long.  Immediately I ended the call…

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