Because you’re worth it…

My Peculiar Treasure

Why do so many women and girls think that it is ok for men to treat them badly?

Our society is plagued with this disease of the mind and it is simply not right. Now I’m not attacking men, and I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen the other way around, because I know it does. But for this piece of writing, I am writing as a woman, from a woman’s perspective.

I have seen it too many times now. Women staying with their boyfriends even though they are not happy. ‘But he hasn’t cheated, and he doesn’t hurt me physically?’ they will say. Is this the criteria now? The criteria for a relationship is simply that the boyfriend doesn’t cheat or hit?

Maybe this, right here, is the issue. I am blessed to live in a culture and a society where I have the right to choose who I…

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