Autism sucks so I am drowning myself in DDO

Confessions of a Geek Mom

I got a call from school just 7 minutes into my workday with the school secretary saying that my daughter had hit her head on the floor and was complaining of a headache.  Off to the school to realize what I thought was the truth, she was having a meltdown and slammed the back of her head onto the floor.  She was miserable and crying because she was hurt so I took her home.  Tried working but taking calls while listening for her was not going to work, so called out.

So what do to do with the day.  Clean?  Bleh….. Laundry?  Bleh….Read some smut.  Done but bored now.

DDO!  Cause noontime is too early to drown myself in bourbon.

So I text the hubby who is at a training class and ask for his passwords.  Log our characters on and go hunt some Commendations of Valor.  Something is so…

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