Biological Nightmares

I'm a survivor, not a victim

It’s crazy how who you are can be everything your parents hoped you would never be. I don’t agree with my biological parents fanatical extreme hateful beliefs, and they don’t believe in my open minded spiritual mystic beliefs. I think they’re arrogant self-obsessed egotistical narcissist and they think Im too optimistic even though anyone who actually knows me says im such a realist that I can be a bit pessimistic at times. Im realistic but I always try to find the good, even in the worst of situations. My biological parents think Im just a dreamer, but while they think im floating around in dreams and hopes, I feel they gave up on life decades ago, they live in their own world, constantly hating everyone and everything, such sad little lives they live. Getting disowned by them was disheartening at first the first few years, but the longer Im without…

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