Can exercise be an effective approach for therapy to combat addiction?

Cardiac Exercise Research Group

Allen KellyWell, it’s been a fun and memorable last 30 months in Trondheim, but unfortunately its soon time for me to leave the sunny shores of Norway and return to the…equally sunny shores of Scotland. In the past two and a half years I’ve had friends visit from the UK, all of whom were curious about the unique aspects of life here that set Scots apart from our nearest Scandinavian neighbor;

Why is everyone here so tall and good looking?

What’s that weird teabag thing everyone puts in their upper lip?

Why are there no Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets?

Despite these subtle disparities, in my opinion our two countries aren’t that different. In many ways, Scotland and Norway share a number of cultural similarities. Population size is comparable (5.30 vs 5.05 million, respectively); the major industries include fishing, oil and more recently wind power. As…

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