Finding Yourself in the Age of the Internet

Pittsburgh Psychotherapy Associates (PghPsych)

by Christy Gualtieri

“Everyone on the Internet…they are not having a great a time as you think they are.”
– Portlandia

Young woman with laptop at home.

When I was a freshman in college, our class was the first in our school’s history to assign each student a laptop computer.  We had to bring (more like drag, it was as wide and thick as a shoebox) it to each class, where our teachers were instructed to assign us tasks on it; and eventually, we were expected to use it to complete and turn in our assignments.  We did that, but we also discovered the first social medias – group chat rooms like ICQ, and message services like AIM.  We agonized over what to write as our perfect “away messages” – messages that would automatically pop up if we weren’t around our computers.  We pored over movie quotes and song lyrics that we thought defined us best…

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