Frustration, Slippery Slopes, and How Anxiety Has Change My Life.

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DISCLAIMER – I’ve been writing this short post for about three weeks now. Usually I can write pretty quickly, but this one hasn’t been a quick process. It’s taken a lot out of me, but I wanted to do it. It’s been a lot of “what’s wrong with you” and “just stop, man” which leads to me closing my laptop and ignoring if for a few hours, or a few days.


As I try and write this, I just kinda stare at my keyboard. I ask myself why I am doing this, and the only answer I can give myself is “I’m terrified.” But what am I terrified of? Surely someone isn’t going to come onto my deck in my backyard and try and mug me right now, what should I be so afraid of?

I’m afraid of myself. I’m afraid of what will happen inside my head if I…

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