Juice Plus+ and how it may help children on the Autistic Spectrum and those with ADHD

Getting Healthy the Juice Plus Way

Just a quick entry today you’ll be glad to hear.

I am hosting an online event on Thursday 18 June at 20h00 (8pm) regarding Autistic children and the use of the Juice Plus+ product.  We will be looking at the product as well as at the behaviours which characterise children with Aspergers/ASD and ADHD, and how Juice Plus+ can assist in helping these children to cope better with life and to minimise some of the issues they face daily.

I have 3 children, both my boys are on the Spectrum, albeit mildly, they have both been diagnosed with ASD/Aspergers and I suspect that my daughter is the same as the boys, but currently the ways in which she is presenting are not causing problems at school therefore she is ‘fine’.  It’s OK, we know what goes on at home, and how she struggles too.  We have in place strategies and…

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