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Lately, I have been suffering all kind of adversities. Aside from my financial difficulties, some members of my family have been attacking me so fiercely and tenaciously that I could hardly breathe. The reason for their unwise obstinacy was the simple fact that I was not conducting myself according to their views. At first, their threats and insults filled me with lively horrors, but now I am at peace. When you calm down and read insulting messages more carefully, you clearly see that they are not really defaming you, but the very senders, for they unconsciously expose their own weakness since all what we say and write gives always valuable information about who we are, what we fear or what we long for. Long years of frustrations and incomprehension end up poisoning hearts and minds and leading to judgmental attitudes, which precisely reflect the way we look at ourselves. We treat others in the same way we treat ourselves. If…

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