Protecting elders from abuse


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MASON CITY, Iowa – Elder abuse is an issue we don’t like to think about, but we know it does happen.

Seniors who live on their own, or in a home, may be more vulnerable than other age groups. Since 1997, organizations, worldwide and in our area have been working to raise awareness on elder abuse by hosting a World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The Elderbridge Agency on Aging hosted an information session for seniors at Hy-Vee East on Monday to discuss different ways criminals attack.

Mason City resident, Susan Saltou was one senior who came out for the event, and is also one of many individuals who lives on her own. She says she has had a number of experiences with people being dishonest with her due to her age, but she’s learned how to handle those situations and says she’s eager to learn more.

“I’ve had those calls of someone saying, ‘your friend…

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