“Sworn to the Sword”, Abuse, and Accountability

in media res

Cartoon Network kicked off its second Stevenbomb yesterday with a bang. In “Sworn to the Sword,” Connie Maheswaran masters the art of swordfighting under the instruction of Pearl. Together with the legendary blade she wields in the revamped theme song, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Connie in missions to come.

The episode was everything I had hoped for and more, right up to the badass training montage. But I was disappointed, yet again, with another instance of abuse apologism.

Pearl vicariously relives her knightship to Rose Quartz through Connie; as when she sings, “You do it for her — that is to say, you’ll do it for him.” As the episode unfolds, we learn the chilling truth behind such a pledge: Pearl sacrificed herself over and over again to protect Rose during the war; and now she wants Connie to do the same, even though she knows humans…

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