Texture Trouble

Max's shop of horrors

If your autistic son or daughter loathes certain clothes or food, it may not be the colour or the taste that’s bothering them.

For instance, you know what really gets my goanna? Avacado. Bananas too. Can’t stand ’em. It’s not the taste so much, it’s the texture. They’re slimy, and it makes my skin crawl.

Sensory issues can be one of the biggest challenges of living on the autism spectrum. Wearing clothes that feel too coarse, or even too soft, or eating something that feels slimy or dry, can be like having a barrel of centipedes poured over you.

I actually heard of one kid on the spectrum who would sleep on the floor, hit herself, and even beg her parents to hit her as hard as they could, because to her being touched softly was unbearable.

What can exacerbate the problem is that the sufferer may have trouble communicating just how torturous it is. They…

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