things can only get better….right?! 

Confessions of Little Miss PMA

Ok so I’m 2 weeks in to using the antidepressants, i wasn’t expecting much as i opted for the lower dose, and its good that i had low expectations, as they really are doing sweet F.A. Well no, thats not fair, they are giving me a slight lift. I know this as i can feel myself ‘coming down’ when the affects wear off. They are not dampening my anxiety though, i struggled round the supermarket again, even though hubby was there. They are in no way allowing me to access my feelings surrounding Millie, but then i guess only counselling will help with that.The last few days have been tough. My eating has dropped to practically zero. Im getting no more than 600-800 calories a day. I have no appetite. The thought of food makes me nauseated. I shake like a leaf most of the time. Im weak and achey…

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