Things not to say to someone living with bipolar disorder…some friendly advice

If I've heard it once, it's too many times

A friend and I swapped stories recently of some of the most bizarre things people have said to us over the years about bipolar disorder. I’m obviously not speaking on behalf of everyone who lives with it, but here goes. I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but there’s not much I can do (or frankly want to do) about that.


Ok, this is a two-pronged misstep – sort of like being pissed at a church service having arrived in cut-off denims. My advice is don’t ask this question. Unless of course you’re in the habit of being hammered at church while wearing cut-offs because clearly you’re used to making a tit of yourself. The majority of those of us living with the disorder don’t use the term ‘manic depression’. If we choose to label ourselves as such, that’s cool, but…

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