Through the Eyes of an Autistic Child…

The Squaker Doodles


I have the PLEASURE (and yes I DO MEAN IT) to work with Autistic kids.   It has been an honor working with these type of kids, and the lessons learned from them are indefinite.  The world may seem different to these type of children, but they are still human.  It takes them longer to learn some things versus other children who are called “normal” by society.  An Autistic child does not know how to express feelings in a socially acceptable way, and therefore misinterpreted by society as “disabled”.  These kids are still human, and should be treated as such.  Yes, perhaps a screeching high-pitched scream because a toy was set a certain position is not the most appealing sound and will get heads to turn in public.  However, “normal” people do this on a daily basis … fighting in public, throwing tantrums because of road rage, going off on…

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