What does it take for the mind to overcome the fear of Recovery?



Recovery is a good thing – even though can suck sometimes, it really is better to face life’s B.S. through lucidity than through the haze of Addiction. But, recovery doesn’t appear to be that easy of a sell; most of the time, people seem to be more willing to remain shackled than they seem to want to live freely. I don’t get it.

I do understand, however, that it’s tough to kick. I understand that biology and emotions can rule the mind and prevent even a first step towards health. I know of the mind becomes rutted a certain way that persists self-destructive behavior. I am no stranger to the mind’s power; recently I have found myself afraid of something and that fear is paralyzing, although on a much smaller scale.

I like to go to a local climbing gym. Most of the time, I attempt to climb on “boulders”…

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