What if “the child within” is an asshole?

Colorado Bluebird Skye

Or I could name this, “why I don’t want to try therapy, even though I really know I need to.”

But seriously, what if?

I travel this life with one foot in one world and the other in another.  I read recently that significant childhood abuse rewires the brain and actually affects how large the two sides grow.  Due to living in fear of those I cared most about as a chid, the left side of my brain was not allowed to grow to it’s full capacity, while the right side grew disproportionately.  The connections between the two are wonky as well.  The right side is the planning, fearing, nervous, anxious, overly nagging grandmother while the left side is the hippy, art-loving, Birk-and-skirt-wearing, peace-sign flashing grandma from your mom’s side.  My existence kept me rooted in the right side so as to protect myself, constantly on the watch for that…

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