words, words everywhere


Blog entries are all words, except for a little image that I tuck in each day.  Words are important.  And words are unique to humans, even as we continue to evolve our understanding of dolphins, whales, chimpanzees and birds, our ability to form words appears to be unique to humans.

When someone doesn’t speak we ask if they ‘can’ and we wonder ‘what is wrong’ and then we work with them to make them speak.  To make them express oneself.  What is the opposite of someone who won’t speak?  Is it someone who never stops talking? Or is it Phil, who never stops arguing?  What is the difference between speech and argument?  It probably lies in the intent.

I used the term ‘express oneself’ when describing someone who doesn’t speak.  This implies that the listener wants/ needs to hear the other person. We want to be sure the non-speaker…

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