3 things my mother taught me…

The Confessions of a broken girl

I forgave my mother a long time ago. I chose to forgive her for her relentless beatings, insults, and sudden mood changes. I chose to move past it all; both everything she had done to hurt me growing up and all the emotional scars I still carry with me to this day. I made the decision to rise above the past: the visceral memories of me curled up in a corner feeling unloved, worthless, and wanting to die.

It’s easy to blame my parents for the way that I turned out. But that would be a fixed mindset approach, something I think all of us, myself included, have been guilty of at some point or another. A fixed mindset does not help you though; all it does is destroy you.

So I could sit here and lament over the ways in which my mother and father have screwed me up…

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