Asperger’s and Alexithymia.

The Outlier

My return to blogging and the change in title is my wanting the aim of this blog to be the focus of my life around my (High functioning Autism) asperger’s. You see, I don’t really have anyone of experience to talk to about it. I got great Facebook friends who are in the same boat as me, but I don’t want to be harassing them all the time. I wonder if anyone with asperger’s also has the experience where you wear the social mask so long that you find yourself alone and start to doubt or wonder on who you really are, before the reality sets in again via whatever type situation. Need to find a group I guess. There is not much in the way of group therapy for asperger’s in Philadelphia, at least from my online searches. All the one’s I see are too far from me. My alexithymia would also…

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