Autism – we can’t afford to waist a brain


This is a segment from Steve Silberman’s Ted Talk on Autism and its history. He goes back to the Dr. Kanner with his controversial views on Autism and refrigerator mothers and his rather narrow spectrum. The following segment explains the much broader and more ‘modern’ view from Dr. Hans Asperger, whose paper and diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome goes back to 1944.

“The paper offered an alternate story of autism.Its author was a man named Hans Asperger,who ran a combination clinic and residential schoolin Vienna in the 1930s.Asperger’s ideas about teaching children with learning differenceswere progressive even by contemporary standards.Mornings at his clinic began with exercise classes set to music,and the children put on plays on Sunday afternoons.Instead of blaming parents for causing autism,Asperger framed it as a lifelong, polygenetic disabilitythat requires compassionate forms of support and accommodationsover the course…

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