Battling Depression Amongst Everyday Life

Merry Elyse

Depression.  To some it’s just a word. A feeling. An emotion. Nothing more, nothing less.

       To those of us who have been diagnosed with depression, it’s a way of life. Not one that’s chosen, but what that for some reason has chosen us. Whether it’s from trauma’s or chemical imbalances it’s a battle we face daily. Some days are easier than others. You live for the days where everything seems possible, you feel invincible, like nothing could ever change from being as amazing as everything seems right then and there. Until it does. Everything changes. You can’t get out of bed, your crippled by the battle going on within your mind. You don’t see the point in showering, brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, looking nice- or at least neat and tidy. Nothing matters. You don’t matter. The headaches, the nausea, the pointlessness of life, that battle…

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