Death Wish


When the death wish

Burrowed in your brain

Nettled you too far

Nothing could intenerate

Your suicidal intent

When your death wish

Bound and gagged your sanity

Prodded your tendons

To flex the accelerator

Exceed the speed limit

Drive your bike

Down the wrong side of the road

You didn’t even flinch

You and your death wish converged

With oncoming traffic

Bewildered and traumatized

By their generous role

As a fatal poultice for your pain

When your death wish was finally met

You were left, scattered,

So bloodied and broken

Only a peroxide Messiah

Could have saved you

(But he didn’t)

Then, did you finally find your peace?

Written about a young man who chose to leave us too soon. Written for Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie’s Wordle #66  We were given the following words and asked to use at least ten of them:

  1. Converge
  2. Prod
  3. Burrow
  4. Messiah
  5. Tendon
  6. Gag

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