Life is a Song

How Summer sees the world

I’m always amazed at how lyrics jump out at you at different times. It’s been a dark few days.  The song is My Blood by Ellie Goulding, the lines are

And God knows I’m not dying but I bleed now
And God knows it’s the only way to heal now

When it gets so bad I can’t see or hear anything but my rage tinged anguish the red that runs is the only thing that stops it. It’s like a pressure valve. Draw a line and let it run.

I’m in my box with the window that shows glimpses of life, snippets of laughter, but the walls of the box let you know that you can only see and hear you cannot participate. It’s filled with lies and dark whispers and you have to hold tight to that nugget of memory when someone said life is better with you in…

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