Social Media’s Role in Mental Health Awareness

Looney Ben

When dealing with a subjects such as mental illness, suicide prevention, and addiction with regard to Social Media Marketing, contemplating your presence as an organization, licensed therapeutic practice, advocate, or consumer can raise many questions and even some uncertainties. Certainly the goal is to raise public awareness about these matters, but how one creates an interest, and even interaction amongst potential readers is a major area of focus. Without the latter, nothing will be accomplished.
I was recently privileged to do an interview with Megan Fazekas-King, the Communications Specialist for NAMI-NC. She has been leveraging social media marketing for large non-profit organizations for several years. Interested in her approach and expertise, I posed five questions to her.
1. What Social Media channels do you use related to NAMI-NC’s interest?
Answer: “I use facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and occasionally, Instagram for larger events such as NAMIWalks” to raise awareness for…

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