The Art of Praying for Those Who’ve Hurt You, This Significance on Father’s Day

I wrote this last Father’s Day in 2014. I have to say I’m struggling with it more than I was this time last year. But it doesn’t make it any less true or prevalent.


If you’re like me, this scripture gets on your nerves. This whole praying for your enemies thing. Oops, yes I said it. There are some texts that don’t always sit well with us… at least at first glance.

enemiesThe definition of an enemy is “one who fosters harmful designs against another.” Based on this definition, many of us can place this title very comfortably upon the man who fathered our children or fathered us. The idea of taking your precious time, breath and energy to go before the Father to petition for someone who’s harmed or abused you is not the best idea of a good time.

However I found myself early Saturday morning with…

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