this awkward new phase 

autistic entanglement

Ok so, we’ve reached this new phase and I’m trying pretty damn hard not to make this about me. I’m not autistic, I know better. He doesn’t, he’s not trying to hurt me. These are all the thoughts I’m forcing through my head right now.

My logical side understands, holding firm to everything I have ever learned about autism through books, therapists, evaluations and of course life experience. My sensitive side is feeling hurt.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering what the heck happened. I’ll tell you.

One on one, the kiddo is a great pal. He’s loyal, fun, silly, adventurous in his own way and loves to be the “class clown.” The problem is he doesn’t always know how to appropriately portray that. He doesn’t always stop when he should or understand the true impact of his jokes.

Last night he had a friend stay over. When they woke…

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