acceptance vs. cure

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This debate completely baffles me.  There are parents of autistic children who feel we should focus more on accepting autism rather than searching for a cure or preventative measures.  Personally, I don’t see why it has to be one or the other.  In my opinion, both are pretty important.  I have seen the Youtube video of the autistic teen explaining why he is just fine the way he is and doesn’t need to be cured of anything.  It’s awesome that he feels that way and can communicate it with words (as well as being capable of making and posting a video on Youtube).  I’ve also seen the video of the autistic teen who needs to wear a helmet and have his arms strapped down to his wheelchair much of the time otherwise he would hurt himself too severely.  He was nonverbal, naturally, and still in diapers.  If he could communicate, I wonder…

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