An Insightful Support Group Meeting to Address the Challenges of Autism and Other Learning Difficulties

SAI Connections - Best School for Autism

Not all mental health conditions are visible impairments. Individuals (especially children) affected by these conditions may appear ‘normal’, but in reality face many challenges in communication and other aspects of daily life. Sensitizing people towards such individuals and creating a stronger infrastructure to help them develop is the need of the hour.

It was with this intention that ‘China Gate’, a support group of professionals working towards the cause of enhancing the lifestyles of individuals affected by rare health diseases, met at SAI Connections, an autism treatment and development centre in Mumbai, on Sunday.

‘China Gate’ comprises of interdisciplinary professionals like Kamini Lakhani (special educator), Drs. Anaita Hegde and Santosh Kondekar (pediatric neurologists), Dipti Gandhi (founder of the NGO Muskaan), Vikram Krishna (IIT engineer and tech entrepreneur), Bala Sriram (speech language pathologist) and more. Professionals from various countries like USA, London and Pakistan are part of this support group.

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