An open letter to my A Level Psychology Teacher

Overactive Amygdala

This is for the teachers that care about their student’s emotional wellbeing. Some teachers acknowledge bad grades, but what about bad mental health?
To the teacher who saved me during my a-level years. The one woman who noticed that I wasn’t coping, that I was putting unimaginable pressure on myself, that I wasn’t happy. To the teacher who spent countless numbers of her lunchtimes sitting with a crying 17 year old who couldn’t explain what was wrong, why she felt so stressed and how she felt inside. The teacher who would be in the middle of teaching a class and notice that the girl in the second row, next to her loud, over-confident peer, had a troubled expression and was holding in tears. Who would then ask her to stay behind after class so that she had a place and a face to talk to about things that may be…

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