Being an ABA therapist and what it has taught me


Setting goals and achieving them is what it’s all about. Here’s a few things i’ve learnt about achieving goals from ABA therapy:

Be patient: You need soooooo much patience. Of course with any job involving kids, patience is needed. You may not get your desired results each time you try, but it will come. Have patience and keep working at whatever goal you’ve set.

Try something new: When you’re stuck on a particular problem for a while, think of a new strategy. Switch it up, trying new things encourages change and improvement.

Acknowledge the small victories: The most important in my opinion! Celebrate the small achievements! it’s easy to get discouraged thinking of your big goals when they seem unachievable and overwhelming. Be proud that you achieved this little bit today. All of these small victories add up, leading you to where you want to be eventually. When you…

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