Day #285 – The Space Between

366 Days of Autism

Dear friends and family,

Sometimes I ignore your texts and phone calls.  I’m sorry.
I actually do it on purpose.


It’s the truth and it’s necessary.

So far in this blog I have used a version of the word schedule 63 times.  It’s OBVIOUSLY a theme.

Along with schedules? Transitions…the space between in our very important schedule.


When I ignore you – we are in the space between.

What is so difficult about transition times?  Two things that are intricately related.  Getting out of focus and attending to something new.

Something new.

Getting out of focus.

My mom noticed that there was something ‘different’ about Tucker when he was four.  She said, “I know he doesn’t have ADD/ADHD.  When he gets into something he’ll do it for hours if I let him. Books, puzzles, or his Thomas trains…but there is something odd.”  I had known for some…

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