Depression (It’s Not What You Think It Looks Like)

Living One Step At a Time

When I say depression, what do you think of?  Was it something like this?

Google search "depression" Google search “depression”

Did you think of images like these?  This is what I got when I simply searched “depression” in Google images.  And that’s where the stigma starts for people with depression.

What do these images say to you?  Do they make you think that people with depression:

  • Cry all the time
  • Physically react by curling up in a ball when they are at a low, which says:
    • They are weak
    • They are unable to cope
    • They isolate themselves

I do not want to discredit that some of these observations may actually be true to the experiences for some people with depression.  Those experiences are valid.  But our media causes something problematic.  These are the only images of depression out there.  The media does not recognize that depression is more than what these images convey.  These…

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