Drowning in the Fog

Raven Dickson

This month has been soooo difficult. Way too much drama. I can feel my PTSD like a raging bull inside my head. Pounding, demanding to be let out. Stabbing pain in my temple and behind my eyes. I feel like I am suffocating, drowning in the endless fog of the latest life issues.

Let me explain my last 20 days. First I get a call that my aunt has had a stroke and may not live. She is 10 hours away. I call my boss and he is totally supportive and I am on my way. My phone service stops 3 hours into my drive and the entire week i am gone, I have zero service unless connected to WiFi. (minor issue but doesn’t help the stress level). I arrive in Texas and spend 5 days with my family as we deal with the unknown. My aunt had a stroke and…

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