Growing older with Autism: Make it work

Santos Counseling

By the time a person with Autism reaches adulthood they should have a strong understanding of where they fall on the spectrum and what areas in life remain difficult.

I want to focus on high functioning Autism.

Individuals with Autism often face common difficulties during adulthood that may or may not have impacted them during prior years. These include:

*  Problems building or maintaining  intimate relationships

*  Difficulty sticking to one “thing” in life. This could be a  job field or the place he/she lives

*  Problems with social interaction/communication/social skills

*  Fixations that may transition into something that negatively impacts the persons life.

Above, are major common areas that may resonate with you. The list is not complete, as you or someone you know may have further key points to insert.

Here is a case study that may relate to you:

Seth is a 45 year-old-male living alone…

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