I cried today…

Ricks pain and med-marijuana chat site

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Today, I am in so much pain from my DDD and whatever else is going wrong with my spine! I’m pretty sure that it’s kicked off the flare that’s been going on for a few now.

It really is hard for me to quantify my pains to others and have them see that I’m writing about my personal life. I always research facts, and will distinguish between the facts, my opinion, or just my wry sense of humor. My writings are for me, first.

I even reinforced the fact in a coupla posts. ‘Uniqueness’, was one.

Today, I cried…not sure why! Can’t tell from one day to the next what’s gonna happen when I wake in the morning. Been crying off and on all day. First off, I woke up tentative about the ride ? in the car this morning. On top of that…

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