I’m just an alien through and through, trying to make believe I’m you


A little over a year ago at University, I had handed in my coursework for the semester (I got all distinctions, for the record), and was walking back slightly triumphantly to my accommodation. I had almost reached my front door, when someone came running around the corner, asking if he could speak to me. I was confused, expecting a talk on ‘our savior the Lord Jesus Christ’ or something but agreed. Next thing I knew, he was standing just inches from my face, and admitted he had seen me in the library occasionally since the previous year, and thought I looked interesting, and he said he desperately wanted to get to know me. I gave him my contact details, and he left.

Shortly afterwards, he contacted me. At this point, I blew it. It’s true, I was still a bit bewildered by the situation, but I was overly aggressive, unwilling…

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