Including an autistic parishioner in GAME NIGHT: 11 games that work

The Least of These

Game night

A game night at church is a great way to reach out to your autistic parishioners. Generally, they like rules. It provides an easy social environment with built-in conversation. And you know what? They like to have fun, too.

Here are just a few games that have some great potential for getting a spectrum parishioner involved. And FYI, none of these companies know I exist. I am getting zero kickbacks for this. These are genuinely, honestly some of my personal favorites (and some of William’s, too), and others that come highly recommended from other parents of spectrum kids.

I’ve included games targeted at kids as young as 3, but there’s fun here for all ages (older kids and up are the second half of the list).

1. Richard Scarry’s Busytown


I personally love this one because players work together to win, rather than compete against each other. Players spin, advance…

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