It’s Been a Relative Bipolar While

Seek Real Truths

Bipolar disorder is a funny thing. One day, week…month maybe…it seems the whole world is crashing down. Even when positive things happen, life still seems terrible, maybe even unbearable. I went through my dark period, around March/April…where I REALLY reverted back to bad, old habits. To say my thoughts were negative is an understatement. My hours were cut at one job, and I despised my second job. I cried waking up for work, stressed an anxious about the condescending, down-putting comments I would receive throughout the day, while working my ass off. I came home to stress about bills, and question my life…my relationship…myself, my worth, my looks, my abilities. Lots of tears.

mean - Copy

A few traumatic events took place over the past two months, too, that DEEPLY affected who I am as a person, and might have erased the possibility of finding trust and love again in my life. Not…

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