My son’s 18th birthday

Awakening Autism

This will officially be the first post about the very reason for this blog (my darling son).
It is his 18th Birthday today! Wow what an amazing journey it has been.

He has blessed my life with so much not least of all the many lessons I have learned.  The most amazing of which has been his innate ability to love unconditionally! Our deepest desire to obtain that love.
BIG lesson for me, you see I use to say I love unconditionally but my love was only unconditional on the certain conditions.
He also carries no sins of this world.  He is pure, life for my son is so simple, he does not understand, materialism, gluttony, envy, greed, pride, lust.  He knows only love, happiness, joy and that life should be simple.  Takes so little to make him happy, a smile, a hug, people laughing.

Eternally grateful to my darling…

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