Naive, Used and Scarred..

Discovering Abishta

Alone I sit.  Lurking you stand.  When the opportunity presents itself, you take me by the hand.  You lead me away to an empty room, lock the door and tell me I’m beautiful.  You kiss my lips.  I quietly stand; I don’t know how to respond.  You hold me close and whisper softly “I knew you were the one.”  You gaze at me in a way that to me seems strange, I can’t deny.  Then you tell me I should kiss you back, I don’t know better, so I try.  You say it is easy, just do to you whatever to me you do.  So as strange as it feels, my hands hold on to your hips and my tongue slips between your lips.  You pause to take my panties down.  You tell me not to be afraid.  As directed, I lie upon the ground and spread as you position…

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