Oh! The Places He Goes

This Is Not My Beautiful House

Here’s a quick rundown of Ethan’s schools/placements/hospitalizations.  Unfortunately Ethan goes through schools the way Hogwarts goes through Defense Against the Dark Arts instructors.  I will discuss his placements as this blog continues.

1. Wake Forest Elementary–Wake Forest, NC K-1

2. Forest Pines Elementary–Raleigh, NC  2-3+ Holly Hilly Hospital

3. Bridges Program 3ish UNC Children’s Psychiatric Hospital

4. Aldert Root Elementary– Raleigh, NC 3ish -4ish

5. Whetstone Academy–Mountain Rest, SC

6. The Wright School–Durham, NC

7. Alexander Youth Network (AYN)–Charlotte, NC

8. Wakefield Middle School–Raleigh, NC

9. Strategic Behavioral Center–Garner, NC

10. Strategic Behavioral Center–Garner, NC

11. Youth Focus–Greensboro, NC

Imagine going through this as a so-called “normal” person.  Could you handle it?  I think it’s amazing that he has been able to get through this with all of his diagnoses.  I hesitate to call Autism or Asperger’s an illness as many do not believe that it is. Whether or not…

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