Riding Through the Storms with Autism

Life With Autism

Last week we had a crazy storm over here.  It was loud, wild, and somehow dimly bright outside.  The lightning streaked through the sky and lit up my front yard.  When I heard the crack of thunder rip through the clouds I knew I had to find my son. Poor baby…he was sitting on the sofa curled up in a little ball with his fingers plugged in his ears.  I hate seeing him like this. He just looked up at me and said, “It’s storming now Mom.”

I held him, rocked him, kissed his head, and rubbed his back.  I knew what he was feeling without him saying a word. Sometimes as adults we can be the same way.

One thing that I am constantly learning about autism is that it really isn’t that different from what anyone else faces.  People with autism face daily life struggles just like everyone…

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