So Wanting to be Understood

ouR Social Conscience

I have written in the past about my social and mental impairments and my struggle growing up and trying to fit in to society (see post An Autistic’s Personal Perspective).  I think I have autistic spectrum disorder but am very high functioning so most people cannot tell I have a problem.   I simply seem shy and somewhat withdrawn.  But there are far too many symptoms to simply conclude that shyness is my only problem.  I also have a number of learning deficiencies such poor comprehension, dyslexia, and an exceptionally poor memory.  But fortunately my cognitive abilities are not impaired.

Life has been a struggle of understanding others and being understood.  It wasn’t until very late in life that I was unofficially diagnosed by a knowledgeable family member as being a high functioning autistic.  This certainly explains a lot to me why I am so different from others.  For much…

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