We’ve Been Hiding Out

Finding Cooper's Voice

today5So where have we been?!?!

Soaking up summer the good old fashioned way! Cooper is done with preschool for the summer and is only attending Fraser. Which is still five days a week. He is also getting speech 1x  per week and OT 1x per week. He handled the transition like a boss. As rigid as he can be that kid can go with the flow on so many other things.

We found out that Cooper knows all of his letters and numbers up to 10. He also knows his colors and shapes. I was amazed. I cried. He laughs at me because I make such a big deal about it. Nonverbal is hard though. I want him to shout all of this stuff so everyone can hear him and celebrate how wonderful he is. Sawyer never stops talking. And I love every second of it. But I would give…

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