When Did You Stop Hating Yourself?

Depression Time

Did you ever?

Depression and anxiety and other mental afflictions may be overcome or managed, we’re told, but self-loathing? Does that ever go away? This totalizing regret?

How do you even separate the pain of life circumstances and the tormenting energetic behavior (or lack thereof) of illness?

I “came out” publicly as a depressive more than a year ago thanks to some kind of misguided martyr-ific impulse. The decision has done me absolutely no good. Just one minor negative is the fact that this blog is no longer truly anonymous. However, I’m desperate for a safe forum to vent some of these feelings and seek for help from others.

Where do you find community online?

And what about that self loathing? What about that?

Image: Mime artist Carlos Martínez, via Wikimedia Commons.

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