Acceptance and forgiveness.


I need to get this off my chest before I do something stupid! How do you justify yourself? How do you get people to understand that how you are is NOT  a choice? How the fuck do you make people understand that the way you are is NOT a contagious disease?

When you’re continuously confronted with people, every single fucking second of every single gruelling minute of every single fucking hour, how do you ignore their assumptions? Their accusations and rumours? Their gossip? When you’re too anxious to walk into a class because you’re paranoid about what they might say if you’re stood wrong or you walk incorrectly?

We cannot control how people react to our situations, but we can control our reactions. Somebody told me.

It’s just difficult though sometimes isn’t it? When you’re confronted with it day in, day out. It would be lovely to be able to just…

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