Adventures in CBT

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Attending CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) has been challenging—which is a good thing. My therapist is really helping me face my anxieties—anxieties that I have dusted and kept under a rug for many, many years. I never tried to face them, because dealing with my present anxieties already overwhelm me. So far, my therapist has used the empty chair and sitting in silence exercises. And I found them both excruciating.

In the sitting in silence exercise, my therapist had me sit in silence for 3…whole…minutes. Not even 60 seconds. 3 minutes! Ugh! Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post about mindfulness, regardless of the type of mindfulness exercise the point is to get you to live in the moment. But I didn’t like this type of mindfulness activity. I prefer the one—the same post I mentioned here—where you’d stare at a subject and describe it. I don’t just want to do nothing!…

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